• Age2

    Age forgets its reckless acts
    Remembers only what it wants,
    “The young today show no respect.
    It was not like that in our day.”... more »

  • Alone

    Once we lay together,
    Making love or sleeping
    Wrapped around one another,
    Close-huddled like kittens,... more »

  • Ants-Haiku

    Flying ant day dawns:
    The glut is unheralded,... more »

  • Auckland - Haiku

    (for Natalie Toft)

    Hawthorn berries glow,
    Acorns and walnuts drop.... more »

  • Bank

    Good morning, Sir. Come in and take a seat
    And how can I be doing you today? ... more »

  • Barneycat - For Children

    (For Suzanna and Harris)

    Barnaby is a purposeful cat
    He sleeps in the shade all day.... more »

  • Beauty

    (For Annabel Jones)

    I have walked with beauty, seen it set in stones,
    Run my hands across it, thrilled to hear its tones,... more »

  • Bell

    (For the deafened)

    Summoned by bells,
    I was imprisoned... more »

  • Bird

    (For Julia)

    He used to sit in the trees
    in Park Road,... more »

  • Birds

    Birds lie scattered on the beach,
    an abundance of rotten fruit
    binged upon by crabs like
    drunken threshers staggering home... more »

  • Books - Haiku

    (for Suzanna)

    I destroyed my books.
    As I made my own footpath,... more »

  • Bridge Etiquette

    (for Jean Whitlam, Exeter Bridge Club)

    Welcome to our bridge club.
    We are Hetty and Kate.... more »

  • Butterfly - Haiku

    A butterfly sips -
    After darkness has fallen
    I miss the shadows.... more »

  • Cage

    I have crafted my own cage
    and locked myself within.
    Sometimes April’s warmth
    breathes on me... more »

  • Candle

    (For those in the cold darkness)

    It was cold and
    I had been out there... more »

  • Casino

    (For UK Legislators)

    And I shall build a treasure dome
    On a great salty plain... more »

  • Cat

    I can see patterns in the waves
    and dancing particles
    as well as most people.
    I see the sun... more »

  • Chains Of Freedom

    Chains of freedom
    link the living to the dead,
    Lorca to Dylan,
    the road... more »

  • Chanté

    (For Chanté Mathurin)

    The day I met Chanté,
    The rain glistened in the road... more »

  • Chasingdreams

    Light the flame and tilt the foil,
    Run and chase, inhale.
    Forget pain and fear and doubt,
    hold the dreams inside your mouth,... more »

  • Citizen

    I am sitting on a blanket in the gardens of my head
    And my life seems just a story in a book that is unread,
    Adventure is a beacon and it’s all that I can see.
    Oh. The city shows its light to me,... more »

  • Collier - Haiku

    (For Alexanna)

    I work far from home
    In pits where Spring brings no leaves.... more »

  • Comet - Haiku

    My Summer passes.
    Most comets endure Winter
    Throughout a man’s life.... more »

  • Consumers

    Let us be divested of our identities,
    deprived of our voices,
    consigned to waiting rooms.

    Let us be parcelled into boxes,... more »

  • Cyberdawlish

    (A forum-based role-playing fantasy adventure.
    For those who have stimulated my imagination.)

    Here, in this place of light and shadow,... more »