Donald Rowley Biography

I lived in London in the fabulous 1960's having gone there to write the great South African novel which I never got around to. Took a London taxi on the Continent for two and a half months. Hitchhiked, climbed Snowdon, committed all the usual follies. Emigrated to Australia for ten pounds. Married, had a daughter, acquired an MA in English Literature, a MLitt in Creative Writing and a DipLib. Have taught Creative Writing for the last eleven years. Wrote a novella in poetry called Adamastor's Children which is set in Apartheid South Africa. I have read it to large audiences at Sydney University, Macquarie University, The Fellowship of Australian Writers and other venues. I have been the Guest Poet at Live Poets and at the Australian National University Poets Luncheon in Canberra. I was the President of The Fellowship of Australian Writers for three years and Vice President for five. I am in the process of editing my first novel, The Erotic World of Fintan McCracken, a black comedy.