• Blessed

    As I rise each morning, I am thankful to God for blessing
    me with another day in his majestic work.
    As I go through my day I know I never walk alone,
    I feel God's presence with me each step I take, with each... more »

  • First Date

    As the music plays softly in the background.
    Watching as the light of the candles dance in the
    reflection of your brown eyes.
    Gently as you raise your glass of wine to your awaiting lips.... more »

  • Forbidden Love

    Just as the stars burn bright in the midnight sky,
    my love for you continues to burn in my heart.
    Just as the wind blows thru the leaves on every tree,
    with every breath I take you are on my mind.... more »

  • Innocent Romance

    For there to be no barriers.
    Just to be the individuals that we are.
    No strings attached, no feelings to be involved.
    Just an evening of innocent romance.... more »

  • Journey For Love

    At times, quite often, I wonder if I will find someone to love me.
    To love in the way I have learned to love.
    To know their heart fills with the same intensity as mine.
    Overflowing with the emotions of having their body next to yours.... more »

  • My Lady

    As I stand next to the beautiful lady
    that has captured my heart.
    The love that I feel is so overwhelming
    and consuming.... more »

  • Sitting

    Birds chirping, singing their morning song.
    Sitting here on this bench as the world slips
    on by. Frozen in time, mind at ease, and
    heart at peace. Just sitting, no where to go,... more »

  • Steel Steed

    As I mount my steed of steel.
    Bringing it to life, with the touch of my hand.
    As I wrap my legs around its massive frame,
    its power beneath me is intoxicating.... more »

  • Summer's Of My Youth

    Listening to the sounds of summer. The laughter of children
    playing in the distance, the playful bark of a dog.
    The birds singing their glorious song.
    The breeze gently rustling the leaves on the tree's.... more »

  • The Final Ride

    In destiny your course is charted with your birth.
    You ride along the highway of life, taking the turns
    that you feel are meant to be.
    Some of the choices you make are positive, others
    are not so thought out.... more »