• ?

    Where do you turn
    when its all gone wrong
    to your friends
    or maybe your mom... more »

  • Adlibbing

    If i could help you
    would you let me try?
    would you push me away?
    Wish to be alone when you cry?... more »

  • Black & White

    There is so much confusion in this world we live in
    I have no idea where to begin

    Can I learn anything?... more »

  • Change

    I live in a world filled with hate,
    I live in a world filled with pain.
    I hate this world i live in!
    I feel pain in this world i live in.... more »

  • Don'T Come Around Anymore

    Goodbye, farewell
    I don't wanna see you around anymore
    Don't come knockin' on my door
    Coz i won't answer it to you... more »

  • I Wonder

    I wonder if all trees are that green
    I wonder if all skies are that blue
    I wonder if all food tastes this good
    Or if its just because im with you... more »

  • Jealous

    My jealousy controls my life
    It only causes me conflict
    Maybe i should relax a little
    But its hard... more »

  • Loves Deception

    Giggling & Blushing
    It's like a school girls first crush.
    Smiling & Singing
    Happy in loves first flush.... more »

  • Pain

    Im so hurt by my past
    Sometimes it still makes me cry
    Until i can let go of my past
    I can never truly love you... more »

  • Randomer Than Your Average Cherry Pie

    ... more »

  • She Stole Me

    She stole me, my identity
    My personality
    What I live for, What I breath for,
    What I'd fight for, what I'd die for.... more »

  • Un-Named

    After sad dreams about dying
    I feel like crying.
    Because when I wake I realise
    It was just a dream... more »

  • War

    Looking at the suture
    I wonder of the future
    Will peace arrive
    Or will War suffice... more »

  • With You

    The sky is so blue
    When I'm here with you
    Sounds cliché
    but even today... more »

  • You

    I won't cut my wrists
    to change your fake love
    But i will black my eyes
    and harden my heart... more »