DLW Donna Lee Womack 8-12-1970

I am a Christian; one who is motivated through teachings given by Messengers that God have sent to me. I like to inspire through creative writing, and to touch the hearts personally through words of encouragement and poems which reflect life experiences. In seeking God; I have become confident and well-rounded in my thinking and living.

My collection of poems have been compiled during times I've studied the bible over the years; and the poem collection was written as I walked through life getting the training I needed for the ministry, and during various experiences guided by the Mighty Words of God. They explore my rest within Christ Jesus, and highlight my quest to become and remain 'true' to myself having forever increasing faith.

I strongly agree that every person, whether Christian or not, has a responsibility to walk in excellence; for God has sent us a perfect example, and in that, He sent His only Begotten Son, who He Himself manifested in the flesh to show us how to walk upright and stand. Whatever your calling is, stand within it for righteousness, and join in this fight of being a soldier for Jesus. It's always a learning season for me.



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