i am a 36 year old mum, i have 2 beautiful children
who i think the world of, i have seperated after a 15 year relationship, we are still amicable, and it's a shame we grew apart, but i still feel heartbroken, and will do for quite some time, i need to learn to love and like myself then i know i will attract the right man for me eventually, god bless everyone


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love is forever, love is true, love was made of me and you
And when times gone by and our beauty fades, the love your'll see
remains the same.
A soulful love that's deep and real, a love so strong and so surreal,... more »

Good Friend

I saw a friend the other day
and whispered in theire ear
you know your loved ones not at this headstone
even though your words they'll hear... more »

Rainbow On The Horizon

Love may be misleading at this moment in time
Do not fear as a love sublime
is on it's way to restore your faith
to believe once again in love and grace... more »

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