• Brother

    Soul to soul the pain remains
    Are bond can't be replaced,
    The years have gone by
    And the tears still fall... more »

  • Don'T Give Up

    Look for the rainbow, the clouds silver lining
    The good in the bad,
    The sun how it's shining
    The birds how they sing, careless and free... more »

  • Driving Instructor

    Oh how i long to tell you
    Your not getting another penny of me
    Your only as good as your trained
    But your wasting my time don't you see... more »

  • Good Friend

    I saw a friend the other day
    and whispered in theire ear
    you know your loved ones not at this headstone
    even though your words they'll hear... more »

  • Had A Bad Day!

    Have you had a bad day,
    Or is it just me?
    From the time i awoke, it was destined to be
    A grumpy restless night... more »

  • Love Is The Key

    A whisper in my heart,
    A loving soul stood near
    Once apon a time
    I used to live in fear... more »

  • Mad World

    words are just words, and the heart can still beat
    But the soul can reveal to you the answers
    The head and the heart look for motives and madness
    But the soul can reveal to you the answers... more »

  • One Day At A Time

    Take baby steps
    And look ahead
    With peace within your soul... more »

  • Rainbow On The Horizon

    Love may be misleading at this moment in time
    Do not fear as a love sublime
    is on it's way to restore your faith
    to believe once again in love and grace... more »

  • Too Many Rivers To Cross

    As i stand before you all humble and meek
    a path to enlightment was all that i seek
    a spirtitual understanding is important to me
    A conscience that's clear, the truth shall set you free... more »

  • Valentines

    love is forever, love is true, love was made of me and you
    And when times gone by and our beauty fades, the love your'll see
    remains the same.
    A soulful love that's deep and real, a love so strong and so surreal,... more »

  • Why Do You Forsake Me My Friend

    what have i said, what have i done
    to make you turn tail to hide and to run
    away from friendship that is binding and real
    is a waste of compassion and stagnant until... more »