Donna Quesinberry Biography

Writer/poet,20/yr. history. B.A.B.S. & C.S.B.S., Certificate of International Affairs-Eastern Europe & Middle East, MBA 1/4 complete, Theology to 500 hrs.(over 100 as classroom instructor) . Broadcast live and taped on CNBC (women's issues) . As a single mother have raised five successful children (now a Baba Miere' Miere' to six [for biological and two by marriage]) little people. Manage DonnaInk (a home based media development, publication and technical communication service support company for both Government and commercial interests) . Have cats, dogs and chinchillas, which currently reside with their respective childhood owners (my children) . Favor supranormal, political, intrigue and edgy works. Thank you for being you and for loving writing and reading.