• Bein Away From You

    bein away from you...hurts a lot
    bein away from you...is not fun
    bein away from you...makes me love you that much more
    bein away from you...makes we want to find out where you are and come to you... more »

  • How I Describe Us

    how i feel about you can be described in 3 simple words
    'i love you'
    and how i feel about our relationship can be described in 7 simple words
    'it's amazing and it will last forever'... more »

  • Jessica Reeder Loveall

    baby...you are amazing in every way
    being away from you kills me everytime
    i miss you like crazy every minute we're apart
    and i can't stand to know that you're goin to bed every night without me right there to tuck you in... more »

  • Life And Love

    We all only get one life
    One life, one chance to find someone we truly love
    My chance is gone
    I've found an amazing girl who is almost like me in every way... more »

  • Me And Cody's Double Team Poem

    I saved you a special place in my heart
    im glad that i get to call you my sweetheart
    Your touch is like a drug, its additing
    You leave me hanging on every word you say... more »

  • This Night

    This night...everything went right
    This night...nothing went wrong
    This night...i pleased her
    This night...was a beautiful night...romantically walking around the pond... more »

  • Wow

    wow...how did i end up with you?
    you're amazing in every way
    the greatest day of my life...when you said i love you too
    i'm so lucky i have you... more »