• Attack

    Boredom anger plotting
    lacking direction
    turning blue into black
    without detection... more »

  • Hope It Feels Good

    would you like to feel the blood drip
    watch my finger slip
    the sound of the trigger trip
    then a flash into your future crypt... more »

  • Last Act Of Anger

    I am the only
    I am one
    I am finished
    I am done... more »

  • Last Show (Haiku)

    ... more »

  • Misconduct

    Chains and whips
    Hold it tightly
    But let it slip... more »

  • Never Letting Go

    You were afraid that you would disapper
    That you would be lost and forgotten.

    I held you tight against the dark and... more »

  • Pain And Anger

    Whisper to God your prayers
    to keep away the nightmares
    Then dare to look inside
    in that place where you hide... more »

  • Restart

    I finally achieved it
    My ultimate best
    Not quite a bulls eye
    Just a little to the left... more »

  • Sampling

    there once was a girl i admired
    and i wanted to lay her down by the fire
    and take her plane of existence higher
    and i did... more »

  • Soul Of Nothingness

    Soul of nothingness

    A dark room covered me with its hands
    Cold, yet my soul is burning... more »

  • Untitled And Un-Compleated

    Breath unto my cold heart
    Bring me back from the darkness
    I've dwelled here so long
    Never knowing such a warm touch... more »

  • Wasted Attempt

    Give me a reason
    make me alive inside
    But make it special
    Make it amplified... more »