• A Cage

    I'm lost within
    I can't get out
    I just want to stand and shout... more »

  • A Question

    At night the stars light the sky,
    at day shadows fill thy heart,
    on noon failing light shows my way,
    but the darkness still holds sway.... more »

  • Alone

    I'm all alone
    Out here on my own
    I'm all alone
    Even though I'm all grown... more »

  • And Yet I Go On

    I run away
    from love that blinds me

    i walk away... more »

  • Cry Me A River

    Cry me a river
    It ain't no pleasure
    Your tears are deceiving
    It seems you are leaving me behind... more »

  • Falling In Love

    I need to fall in love with someone again,
    But I haven't yet stepped out of my pain,
    I hope I can fall in love with someone again,
    But each time I try it seems I try in vain.... more »

  • Fraud

    If the thought ever pops,
    Like the weight of life it drops,
    The wise never warned,
    Oh how we groaned,... more »

  • Im Left Alive

    I'm trying to die.
    But I can't be left alone.
    I can't help but see
    That people care for me.... more »

  • Little Kid (Ballad)

    Insanely bright
    Always wrong
    I still fight... more »

  • Loving Me

    Love is lost
    Love is made
    But all you stand is to gain... more »

  • My Room

    I woke inside a dark room
    And i don't know where I am
    I'm stuck inside, so lonely
    Without no one to condemn... more »

  • Parasite

    Even if I have to die,
    All I want is to sit and fry,
    The things in me I don't accept,
    But to rid of them I'll have to die with no regret.... more »

  • Reborn In Time

    I never thought you'd see me die,
    Never thought I'd watch you cry,
    Drowned the world in all my fears,
    Reborn in time with my own tears.... more »

  • Singing

    Im singing for my people
    Im crying for me self
    Im smiling for all the good things
    I cant do without... more »

  • Stripped

    I need to hold someone in my arms,
    I need to be held and feel secure,
    And I know we'll have no qualms,
    After for this darkness you find me a cure.... more »

  • This

    I don't know why I feel like this,
    Maybe it was our one time kiss,
    Yet deep down inside I know its is.
    Ah, I still dream of that night full of bliss,... more »

  • Understand

    I see you standing alone
    And all I want is to hold you
    I see you standing with someone else
    And all I want is to take you, away... more »

  • אם אתן לך יד

    ואם אתן לך יד
    זה לא אומר שאתן לך ללכת
    ואם אבוא בסתיו
    זה לא אומר שאתן לך לבי... more »

  • המעבר

    בין הגוף לנפש
    בין יום ולילה... more »

  • הצד האחר

    וכשהמילים התחילו להיגמר
    עברתי אל הצד האחר
    ולחשתי לה
    אל נה תלכי בצל המוות... more »