• “what’s Up? ”

    To walk down a street in that neighborhood
    and not get hassled you had to look like
    you could deal with abuse—you had to
    be able to look into the lowered... more »

  • A Night In July (Love Poem)

    Alone with one lamp
    I bite into the red pearl of a nectarine.
    It’s been a year of lay-offs, impulsive
    travels, and birth... more »

  • After The Rains (Love Poem)

    Below the poplar trees,
    below the intricate swaying
    sprays of mist, our child
    not yet one year... more »

  • Against Angels

    Somebody asked me
    but I'm not going
    to argue about... more »

  • Alone Together (Love Poem)

    I need to know the name of that bird and find out
    who is making such music I never heard before.
    I'd have a start if I could see a wing or a tail
    or something. But it stays hidden away... more »

  • Cloth Of Cilantro

    I'm taking up the pearls of cloth one more time.
    I'm doing it without any losses, for a change.
    I'm starting with the cloth of cilantro,
    starting with the stain of it on my fingers,... more »

  • Crawdaddy

    Watery shadows and grass ladders
    at the bottom of that brook,
    where the crayfish
    waited. And the girls... more »

  • Dreaming Of A Daughter

    I wove a blanket
    out of the sand
    for you,
    and a little hat... more »

  • Dylan Thomas

    Fulfillment is uncomfortable, fulfillment is uncontrollable.
    What is it that Dylan Thomas told of a "weather's wind…"
    "that through the green fuse drives the flower" drove
    his green age-... more »

  • Emily Dickinson's Lightning

    You're at peace again.
    You smell her musk
    and sweat
    on your skin again.... more »

  • Fallen Petals (Love Poem)

    To lose you, it is nothing to lose you,
    to stand only in the rain of you,
    the rain that falls only from you,
    from the bottom of your hair.... more »

  • For Pablo Neruda (Elegy)

    Lean men,
    broad shouldered men,
    I see them in the newspaper
    with their perfectly styled hair... more »

  • From Either Side Of You (Love Poem)

    I thought I would keep going without you,
    stay in these few rooms, stare at the chairs I hate
    without you. I thought I would go on like that,
    alone with my days, bitter, smoking into the steering wheel... more »

  • In-Terminal Rose (Love Poem)

    Coral rose in the garden in June, and another rose,
    another coral, the dye shading the garden floor, close
    to me, jewel after June rain, flare of integral color,
    rose in the dusk, hoist of the petals, pillar of thorns,... more »

  • Lorca

    I remember Lorca holding a paper plate
    with Greek figs. He was looking at that child
    who sometimes looked like him.
    And because he, Lorca, is comprehensible... more »

  • Matisse For A Minute

    Here I am thanking
    Matisse after thirty-three years,
    looking at his paintings against
    the hoard of compiled trash,... more »

  • My Boat, My Waves (Love Poem)

    I start out
    to write about
    the boat on my
    medallion from Crete.... more »

  • Mysteries And Counter-Mysteries (Love Poem)

    I believe in mysteries that live
    on their own fire― the seeds and branches
    of twilight, the blood alert within the mysteries
    opening drenched layers of woman's skin.... more »

  • 'Nigger Lover'

    I called this guy out, I completely lost it,
    I tore into his gut, his eyes went wild he wrecked

    my ear with his ringed fist I felt... more »

  • Not A Zen Man

    Roamed around drunken on Crete
    maybe too long. In my chaos I met
    an obsessed man from Belgium
    who studied Zen a man about fifty... more »

  • Psychodraft (Anti-Draftboard Madness Poem)

    I’m watching the Anthony Perkins of Psycho.
    My 1968 draft board.
    I like the tide when it stays out, the sea has taken enough, I said.
    Please explain, he said.... more »

  • Ritual Together (Love Poem)

    I meant to ask her about a cup
    we brought home from Greece.
    Harvesters carrying long sheathes of wheat
    in the carving that spreads from the handle,... more »

  • Seduction Of The Groom (Love Poem)

    Now I remember how you resisted me
    and the solitary way I lived
    back then, when we started up.
    I was still too reckless, I was like... more »

  • Stephen Was An Ecstatic Dancer (Aids Elegy)

    Stephen was an ecstatic dancer until he was twenty-one and I wouldn’t go
    to see him dying from AIDS.
    I didn’t have what takes to be there to make a salutation... more »

  • The Crane

    It all came down to a crane I saw
    flow into blurring dusk and shallow water.
    It didn't notice me stopped there a couple of
    row-boat lengths away, chewing a Tuscany loaf,... more »