DAH Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

Quotes (3)

Sorrow, the quicksand of broken hearts! Dorothy Alves HOLMES A Poet Who Loves To Sing
In moments of deep sorrow I have had that feeling of sinking into quicksand where there seemed no escape from the pain...thus this quote from me.
Loneliness...A blanket full of holes with no folds for comfort. Dorothy Alves Holmes A Poet Who Loves To Sing
This thought came to me when that feeling of loneliness over whelmed me and I found no comfort as its blanket wrapped around me.
Being satisfied is not the same as being happy... Satisfaction is merely humming and Happiness is a song! Oh My, I've forgotten the words! Hummmmmmmmm! Dorothy Alves Holmes A Poet Who Loves to Sing
This thought popped into my head...I wrote it down and said, 'And That's the Name of That Tune'...

Comments (2)

I read your book 'People Talk' and finding it again I make note here of what was said of you at that time and I want to say you have only gotten better. 'Mrs. Alves is a versatile and spontaneous writer, which gives her work universal appeal' Dorothy's poetry is important, I believe, because it deals with real people and describes real situations with much warmth and sincerity. 'Dorothy's poems are sensitive insights into the soul.' I salute you for still sharing your gift.
Ms. Holmes: You have a startling, and extremely versatile voice, with a range that goes from sensuous to sad and back in about 6.5 seconds. Thank you for sharing. -G