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"A Poet I Am, Says I, Says I"

A poet I am, says I, says I-
I'll take you a word and twist it around
And fill it with so much glee!... more »

Oh - I Can Fly!

I can fly - I can fly
On wings of angels
High - High
I can fly - I can fly!... more »


Listen - listen - across the land called Africa-
For the birds are singing here
The roar of the lioness - the whine of her cubs
The cry of the vultures - ever, ever circling there-... more »

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Emeka Chike Nwogu 29 May 2005 07:53
I have read your poem A poet, I Am. I resonate with it entirely. I agree also that every poet has a style that's very unique and perculiar to him/her. Your voice in this one was quiet engaging. You are really yourself in the stanzas that talked about the words that you will use to weave great ryhmes, meters, etc. Great offering Dorothy. Keep writing.