Dorothy Parker Quotes

I misremember who first was cruel enough to nurture the cocktail party into life. But perhaps it would be not too much too say, in fact it would be not enough to say, that it was not worth the trouble.
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), U.S. humor writer. Esquire (New York, Nov. 1964).
Sorrow is tranquility remembered in emotion.
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), U.S. humorous writer. Here Lies, "Sentiment," (1939). For the original, see Wordsworth on poetry.
If you're going to write, don't pretend to write down. It's going to be the best you can do, and it's the fact that it's the best you can do that kills you.
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), U.S. humor writer. Interview in Writers at Work, First Series, ed. Malcolm Cowley (1958).