• A Picture Of You

    Creating a picture of you in my mind
    Is like composing an aesthetic work of creativity
    With such perfection as losing any criticism
    Cos your beauty is so astonishing!... more »

  • Amidst The Worries

    Amidst the worries that stormest on
    I lingered strong my deep shallow thought
    Imagining what lies beneath my worry
    Contemplating wonders of a never know ail... more »

  • An Uncontestable Beauty

    Shall I call thee a work of art
    Specially crafted in every glamourous part,
    An uncontestable beauty, looking so unique
    With figure so photogenic in your very physique... more »

  • Avoidance

    Sneaking in on crumbled fears
    On quick finishes of immediate task
    Shivering sharply at sudden squeak
    Expectations false but relief restored.... more »

  • Cravings

    We stay in the independence
    Of our worlds,
    Separately kept in our territory
    Of common thoughts.... more »

  • Dreadful Old Soak

    Dipsomaniac with Dutch courage
    Going on a drunken spree
    Usual swiller of one for the road
    Wino and slave of alcoholism... more »

  • Flying Beetle

    Hovering exultantly from the mid-night oil
    Searching with eyes on pages of men
    Quietly arrayed, your peaceful clamour
    For a quest unknown to thee alone.... more »

  • If My Dearly Beloved...

    If my dearly beloved chooses
    being harsh to lousy admirers
    who cares, as long as
    she's gentle towards me.... more »

  • In Your Arms

    In the presence of danger
    I sought for protection,
    In an exposure to cold weather
    I sought for shelter... more »

  • Instrument Of Destruction

    How terrifying a sight of it
    on cute bed of mine lying still
    sending shivers through my veins
    you destroyer and taker of lives.... more »

  • Intended Friendship With Africa

    I would like to know you O Africa
    so I can experience the good things
    I've heard about you
    and share sweet memories... more »

  • Life Of A Glutton

    Wining and dining here and then
    do dwell on the dining table
    an appetite far more insatiable
    guzzling and gorging all the way.... more »

  • Merriment

    With an ongoing ride through time
    A verse to your salute I did mime
    In recognition of a presence well spent
    On a fading world of life given on rent... more »

  • My Kind Of Girl

    My kind of girl stands upright
    With straight legs as perfectly paired
    Walking soundly like a marching bride
    Through red carpets in the path of an aisle.... more »

  • Natural Beauty

    A clear representation of nature's worth
    Unadorned by false ointments, mostly sought
    Quite extraordinary a portrait, so phenominal
    Uncorrupted by sheer madness, very normal... more »

  • Observance Of An Admirer

    There stood her captivating beauty
    Enticing my soul with charming eyes
    As stood I watching her beatific smiles
    Moving her way through my steady glance... more »

  • Obsession

    Love fades with a strict unturning will
    on a mind set on turning back never
    having experienced the tragedy of the heart
    breaking sorrowfully like a world torn apart... more »

  • Prisoner Of Sentiment

    A hi from you I so desire
    Gallant Romeo, standing firm
    Tickling my fancy at sudden sight
    My beaming heart catching signals... more »

  • Reciprocated Love

    Having felt the joys of requited love
    Running parallel lines to reciprocated love
    For my love and darling loves me truly
    From thy honesty of thy heart my one only... more »

  • Romantic Collision

    In my mind lies a thought
    a wonderful assumption
    of an imaginary bump
    so delightful and ecstatic... more »

  • Something About Your Hand

    I must confess deary! deary!
    That there's something about your hand,
    That softens the grip of a snapping finger,
    That moistens the palm of a roughy handy,... more »

  • Strange, Different But Admirable

    Calling you strange, an understatement
    saying different, factual statement
    both may seem less admirable
    but makes you look more admirable... more »

  • The Bows Of Cupid

    A love to uphold
    A crush to withhold
    From deep within in a shape
    So curved, like a bow of grape... more »

  • Unique Feature

    I noticed you from an observable position
    In the face of that great lecture
    It turned out to be a distraction
    I couldn't help but gaze at your unique feature.... more »