• By The End Of That Season

    By the end of that season, I was sitting by the river side
    By that time, it was dusk and I was reminded of events of the past
    By my side, there were so many flowers, colours of hope
    By my side there were innumerable dreams, words of promise... more »

  • Heads N Hands Tied

    Puzzle of political democracy to win
    People at helm of affairs plan to develop,
    Plea to voters with heads and hands tied
    Praising in vein the honesty of development... more »

  • If Success Is Not Before Failure

    "If Success is not before failure but beyond failure", then
    The thin line between dream and vision should not be execution
    If the talented are only five percent of all competing
    Then it is important to work for the remaining losers... more »

  • Is There A Shore Beyond?

    Never ending faction of water with an amazing timing
    Now you can attempt to count your success and failure
    A submissive beginning leading to a seven fold victory
    From the other end of the horizon to this very shore where you are... more »

  • Rain Will Come Again

    Trees without leaves but flowers alone
    Around my hilly outhouse, piles of leaves scattered
    Quick to invigorate the summer canopy of drought
    mass quantum of dead soldiers and cooks fell... more »

  • Revelation I Had From The Misty Mountains Of The North

    Ever since the revelation I had from the misty mountains of the north
    Energy flared-up on the brink to the world without limits
    Engulfing the freezing thoughts of natural wisdom, frugal in its origin
    Enchanting with the words of neo literate, sang a song of freedom... more »

  • Trounce The Blind Turbulence

    Calm seashore of hope at dawn, glowing red sun in the horizon
    Mists gets penetrated with the waves forms a mystique feel
    Footsteps of someone I‘ve followed from the marshy lands behind;
    Disappeared at the depiction framed by the waves on the sand bed... more »