• A Rain In The Woods

    It isn't just the fading echoes
    or galaxies festooned against
    enameled night skies that
    draws me to the wilderness.... more »

  • An Invasive

    She yearned for something unpredictable
    something beyond the boring fragrance
    of perfectly triangulated composites
    in complementary colors and graduated height.... more »

  • Beneath A Blanket

    beneath a blanket
    of myriad stars
    i lie quietly
    upon a sandy shore... more »

  • Bon Appetit

    Take small bites and it'll last longer,
    you'll enjoy it more.

    Nonsense!... more »

  • Bradford Pears In Spring

    Blossoms thick as wool
    hide delicate buds

    from the icy teeth... more »

  • Called Away

    When I thought you were going away
    I squeezed my eyes shut so tight
    that tears turned to rhinestones
    and fell away like broken icicles;... more »

  • Chance Encounters

    each wrong turn leaves a scar
    on the stippled lining of my psyche

    so when i turned around abruptly and... more »

  • Childhood In A Garden

    One day I'd whirl through the garden,
    fingers splayed in sunny rays
    above newborn buds singing.... more »

  • Dewberry

    Each luscious berry is a vowel,
    ooh-ing and aah-ing
    on the tip of my tongue,
    shadowing my parted lips... more »

  • Here Is Only Ev'ry Girl

    here is only ev'ry girls
    and also little boysie

    to whom the world... more »

  • Hoops Of Self

    my mother leaped through hoops of self
    and jumped into the same of her
    as quick as now as slow as then
    she withered as a vine gone dry... more »

  • I Couldn't Ask For More

    If one day were added to my time on earth
    I would want to spend it with you.
    You wouldn't have to do anything special,
    just being with you would be my reincarnation.... more »

  • In Extremis

    in the cemetery of hope
    there are crosses scattered among trees
    and children waiting beneath the surface
    for their chance on earth... more »

  • J'ecoute

    I hear voices - everywhere
    in libraries - books speak to me
    tell me stories that are true - untrue
    that make me believe - or not... more »

  • Lady In Cemetery

    above the stone
    in custard-thick mist... more »

  • Last Kiss

    all she heard was the ache in his voice
    when he called for her
    to wrap her arms around him
    and kiss his December lips... more »

  • Last Waltz

    I had a happy dream last night
    and found it still smiling
    on my pillowcase this morning
    long after it should have turned off... more »

  • Marjoram Woman

    There are men who prefer chile pequin women,
    red-hot mommas whose kisses set their lips on fire
    and burn all the way down; audacious women,
    slim of waist and broad of hip, with spangly red... more »

  • On Waking At The Lake

    Come sit with me on the beach
    where the lake's many faces
    hide beneath the boughs
    of willow trees in shade... more »

  • Parallel Lives

    It was not a chance encounter,
    the two of us sitting next to one another
    at a counter piled eye-high with expectations,
    your asking me to please pass the cream,... more »

  • Sing Me Your Birdsong

    teach me about kisses
    baskets of dreams
    blankets of clouds
    chalkboards of trees... more »

  • Sparse Legacy

    There is only silence on the footpath
    I have traced to this ancient hearth -
    the hammering of stone upon stone
    has faded, just as the reds and yellows... more »

  • Supreme Decisions

    No hand slips quietly into a body of water
    without sending ripples to every shore,
    just as no tide washes a beach without
    carrying sand away grain by grain.... more »

  • Taking Flight

    Was there a promise
    when they met
    she might remember
    he wouldn't... more »

  • Tell Me I Am Your Only Spring

    that my breath, warm against your breasts,
    fires anew the passion chilled by winter storms,
    calling forth fields of melted buttercups
    in which to lie beneath a warming sun.... more »