Scientist, professor, entrepreneur, poet, editor, traveler, cook, husband, father and grandfather who wishes he could paint or sing.


Dr. Charles A Stone Poems

The Beach At Moonlight Bay

on this first night of the harvest moon
this evening when diana's resplendent orb
rests upon the backs of broken clouds
transfixed by the evening's brightest star... more »

On Waking At The Lake

Come sit with me on the beach
where the lake's many faces
hide beneath the boughs
of willow trees in shade... more »

I Couldn't Ask For More

If one day were added to my time on earth
I would want to spend it with you.
You wouldn't have to do anything special,
just being with you would be my reincarnation.... more »

Dr. Charles A Stone Quotes

Politicians who want to lead the people must first follow the will of the people,
Dr. Charles A. Stone
A shortcut has little to do with time or distance.
Dr. Charles A. Stone
You're never lost if you don't care where you are.
Dr. Charles A. Stone

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