• A Brief Dalliance

    Standing over a bridge of scented cedar
    amidst sumptuous gold glazing all over,
    I see brisk lives roving in a cerulean creek
    under a luscious lemony green streak.... more »

  • A Glance Says All

    Glowing as a lamp I saw a lone onlooker,
    adorned with the flares of sun - one Gloria;
    Unleashing a blaze of beauty around her,
    lighted my heart's patio with her wine aura.... more »

  • A Message

    The rays have brought your message
    Piercing through my closed window
    I can read a golden hued line
    'I'll be yours, all my life'... more »

  • A Page In My Book

    In this ancient book of mine,
    some pages are plain and some are penned,
    inscribed in it are battles fought but lost,
    a life lived as dead;... more »

  • A Prejudiced Union

    With great religious fervour and flavour,
    a harmonious alliance was solemnised;
    When a fairer groom was talk of the town,
    and alien gazes watched a coloured bride.... more »

  • A Probe

    I'm delving into a ghetto in a downtown
    Where the people are glutted with a winery
    Are intoxicated by its classy, refined taste
    This is how they're seduced by its sherry... more »

  • A Toy Speaks…….

    I think I resemble these people
    A diminutive in comparison
    By defying all laws of creation
    Have got everything they have... more »

  • Adam & Eve: A God's Plan

    The loneliness of father Adam
    paved way to the creation
    of God's colossal plan
    of bringing Eve in the heaven.... more »

  • An Amber Patch

    Rustling through the tanned leaves
    soaked in the aroma of fresh breeze;
    Treading on soothing, forsaken trails
    life's pleasures are but little marvels.... more »

  • An Imperial Ghost

    I think it was some ghost of yesteryears,
    knocked on the doors of worshippers;
    A centuries old, grudged spirit had come alive,
    concocted horror and rage to live and thrive.... more »

  • An Unknown Glitterati

    Illuminated is the whole arena, phenomenal is the glamour;
    Who's coming tonight? For whom is this fervour?

    Stars are studded all along, all are waiting in this barren;... more »

  • Bare Souls

    Wish to see a land of oriental pearls
    Where nights melt into honeyed morns
    And nymphs swim in molten gold with souls bare
    Calling lone sailors for a hymenial sailing there... more »

  • Cherished Moments

    Gleaming green is glamorous,
    everything is glowing all over;
    It's only your presence my love,
    that makes them fascinating here.... more »

  • Chronicles Of My Bliss

    A day I thought to flow back in time,
    to my primal source of beginning;
    To compare my past with my presence,
    to be in sync with my past bickering.... more »

  • Crimson Anecdotes

    It was an usual place of worship but quaintly strong,
    in a quintessential town of my ancestral home;
    A mosque not awfully grand but a modest one,
    the same maker was revered in both the sanctum.... more »

  • Dear Hope!

    Oh Hope! Perch on my soggy bench,
    I'm all poised to fly with you,
    in the sky of eternal desires,
    with the wooly fleece in the vast blue.... more »

  • Dismantling Solitude

    This solitude is a kind of labyrinth,
    where our souls are woven in a sequence,
    where the wind whispers into our ears,
    warning against an approaching tempest.... more »

  • Genesis

    O Sommelier!
    Who's she in view? Sitting pretty there;
    I see nothing as far as I can see, but her.... more »

  • Hope

    The sun is still shining on my ship on that dusky horizon
    The breezes are still benign, billowing my dark sail
    Stay for some more time, watch me from the shore
    My picture is bleak, I agree, yet has a glowing trail... more »

  • Life - A Mystifier

    Strange is your modus operandi O life!
    seemingly, it isn't dubious to me;
    But when you crawl out of me in silence,
    being a mystifier, you seal a fate on me.... more »

  • Lighting The Lamps Of Love

    Let us light up those erased lamps,
    which humanity is crying to revamp;
    Let us love, shimmer and blink together,
    in every clinched fists and brutal grasp.... more »

  • Man - A Curtain Raiser

    A few steps down this thick fog,
    an amazing element is waiting for me;
    I'm ready to catch you up, O life,
    won't care what's offered to me.... more »

  • Mellowed Amber

    Sizzling water has seeped through the leaves auburn,
    painting the world of this mellowed pair with raw sienna;
    The steamy session induced sleep in them on a crystal echelon,
    it's intoxicating for them, for others a perfect concoction.... more »

  • Mementos

    Beneath the creases of time
    you'll find my hidden fragments;
    Some are buried under darker layers
    some are basking in shiny moments.... more »

  • My Days Of Yore

    In the days of yore,
    what else one could ask for;
    During those moments of ours
    you were just mine and I was yours.... more »