Dr. Nikhat Bano Poems

A Message

The rays have brought your message
Piercing through my closed window
I can read a golden hued line
'I'll be yours, all my life'... more »

Waiting To See A Daybreak

Standing alone at one end of the street
Is nerve wrecking;
Staring from nowhere to nothingness
Chills my spine.... more »

Tanu: My Sister

A lily truth herself, a soul so pure,
who gets amused just by the sight,
of humble lilies of her courtyard;
Swaying during day, smelling during night.... more »

Dr. Nikhat Bano Quotes

Government and the people cannot be sane at the same time and this is how governance came into existence.
Present world scenario
Perseverance pays but only with sound judgement.
Behavioural science
Good, old memories are like flightless birds perching on heart's wall - poised to fly but never flies.

Comments about Dr. Nikhat Bano

Nikhat Bano 03 Mar 2018 03:27
My poems generally give universal message of peace and love whether it is composed at individual or universal level.