• A Journey

    I didnot board on a train

    I didnot go by bus... more »

  • A Wedding

    There were two beggars

    Each had a begging bowl dangking... more »

  • A Crocodile

    A crocodile from New foundland

    floated along the Gulf stream... more »

  • A Crow

    A crow winged to a woodland

    And met a colourful cackling band... more »

  • A Damsel

    She comes from the abyss She is an Abyssinian maid
    a damsel with a dulcimer
    She appears in every heart whenever she lists
    and then vanishes... more »

  • A Day

    A day might turn up when water will not wet
    and fire wil not burn the wind will not dry
    and there will be no sky
    Earth and the skies land and water... more »

  • A Dead Man

    I saw a dead man in living attire
    He weeps and laughs... more »

  • A Lame Man

    A lame man from Lagos

    married the princess of Madagascar... more »

  • A Man From Mesopotamia

    I asked a man from Mesopotamia

    What is life... more »

  • A Prayer

    the earth the skies and the beyond in short the world
    the unconscious and th preconscious and the conscious and the beyond
    they baffle our imagination and hence they do not exist
    but in language... more »

  • A Tall Man

    i saw atall man on the road
    a crescent moon showed up in his matted hair
    and i longed to greet him and i bowed
    and he vanished into thin air... more »

  • Ajmer

    Ajmer in the arms of Aravalli

    is alight with the light from Bhagavaan... more »

  • An Epistle

    They taught to pray to God

    When I was less than five... more »

  • Bathing

    Bathing in a river is a fun

    The flowing waters clash with your muscles... more »

  • Beauty

    There is a beauty born from the calyx of ugliness

    Whose eyes are cauldrons of deceit... more »

  • Believing What You Cannot Prove

    You cannot see the resulting gap

    when electrons change their orbits... more »

  • Below The Copper Skies

    Below the copper skies

    Oh Lord Buddha... more »

  • Christ

    Christ was angry with the greedy merchants

    He beat them black and blue... more »

  • Close Your Eyes

    Close your eyes and shut out the sun
    Or else select the site sans electricity
    May be the wilderness of Terrai, in the still of the night
    Listen to the Sounds of Silence... more »

  • Creation

    Can we think without language
    The world is created by language
    But every poem has two parts
    One part is said the other unsaid... more »

  • Crimson Grace

    Staring at the stars

    he asks for a staircase... more »

  • Crocodile

    I saw a crocodile in the blue deep of the west

    It sprang from the alien seas of Antartica... more »

  • Dank Daffodil

    I despise a dank daffodil

    It must float... more »

  • Darkness And Silences

    It was a bright night

    Bright in darkness... more »

  • Dawns Are Not All Poetry

    Dawns are not all poetry in Calcutta
    They raise the veil of the night
    and dicover the ghetto that is civilisation
    where phantoms of grief and greed... more »