Attended Oxford University. An undergraduate in English Literature. Master of Philosophy. Doctor of Philosophy. Worked for many years at University College, London. Occasionally lectured at Harvard as part of a symposium and taught in the University of Melbourne. Back in London, became Doctor of Letters for academic research. Head of department for three years. Missed out on tenure. Through ill health, retired from teaching to become involved behind the scenes, in advisory capacities to several Universities; also working as a proof-reader on many Oxford University publications. Never liked being referred to as 'Professor'. Amateur prose and poetry writer, reasonable cook, better painter. Now retired. Blessed to have spoken with and attended lectures by W. H. Auden and Robert Graves when they held the chair in my time at Oxon. Published mostly academic papers. I would suggest that by far my proudest moment was Robert Graves suggesting I should seek publication for an early poem of mine called 'By and by the city'. That poem was published in a limited-run in-house anthology of 500 copies. I rushed up and gave Graves a copy when he was walking in the grounds and he removed a fountain pen from his jacket pocket. He asked me to sign my name where my poem appeared in the anthology and told me I could keep his fountain pen in return. 'I was writing with it last night but you can keep it as I have lots of others just like it.' I still have that pen today.


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