Dr. Yogesh Sharma 1-7-1959

. The poet is a teacher who believes in universal brotherhood. He loves humanity, social justice, secularism, woman's empowerment and nature. He believes in realism. His poems are far away from the flight of fantasy and imagination. He is very close to realism of life, society and world in his poems.


Quotes (3)

Think! World is much better, Life is much sweeter.
Dr.Yogesh Sharma
All are ordinary man, However, all have extra-ordinary desires, But extra-ordinary men excel, Those have ordinary desires.
Dr.Yogesh Sharma
Study successful men, Fellow successful men.
Dr.Yogesh Sharma

Comments (7)

very best poet ever and teaching about God
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Dr. Yogesh Sharma expresses his valuable ideas about God, humanity, and justice in a wonderful manner.