Dr. Yogesh Sharma 1-7-1959

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Think! World is much better, Life is much sweeter.
Dr.Yogesh Sharma
All are ordinary man, However, all have extra-ordinary desires, But extra-ordinary men excel, Those have ordinary desires.
Dr.Yogesh Sharma
Study successful men, Fellow successful men.
Dr.Yogesh Sharma

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Dr. Yogesh Sharma expresses his valuable ideas about God, humanity, and justice in a wonderful manner.
Your poem about Sathya Sai Baba is sublime. I rated it a 10... as the first to rate it...but only a 5 showed
After going through the poems of Dr. Yogesh Sharma, we find that he portrays his feelings in his poetry very lucidly and invariably succeeds in delineating the contemporary problems and imbroglio. His poem captioned Apartheid glorified is the best example of it.
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