• 3 Words...

    So many things to
    Say you,
    So many talks to
    Share with you,... more »

  • 4th April,2016

    You keep starring me,
    I'll do the same.

    You keep understanding me,... more »

  • Dear Dad

    You are not a Actor,
    nor a film-maker still,
    you are marvelous factor,
    and a great director...... more »

  • Ditch..

    To person whom we
    Love the most,
    Is the only; Who
    Ditches the most...... more »

  • Diwali...

    Auspicious festive in this
    "Shrushti" of light,
    Wish makes your life
    Very bright,... more »

  • Dream Boy

    My eyes, looks at him continuously.
    My mind, thinks about him undoubtedly.
    My lips, forms to speak his name.
    My smile, The reason is he...... more »

  • First Ride... (13/12/12)

    A sudden meet at an antique place,
    Waiting eagerly to meet each;
    With heart full of anxiety & love enrich,
    To make this moment stay memorable;... more »

  • Forever

    I have painted my dreams
    With you my better half
    To let it become memorable forever... more »

  • Holding Hands..

    The path will lead me further
    was full of dark,
    Suddenly you arrived, hold my hand
    and lighten my path,... more »

  • I Just Want To.......

    I just wanna go deep inside the ocean of love,
    n that ocean is you.......

    I just wanna live a life like butterfly, n wannna suck the juice of sweetness,... more »

  • Life..

    Life is all about a spinning wheel,
    where and when
    it will stop no one knows..
    Just we have to watch it.. 😊😊... more »

  • Little Dream

    Dream that I had
    of someone to be
    forever love of him
    And still that's an hope... more »

  • Love

    Love is Divine
    Love is faith
    Love is god
    Love is Tale...... more »

  • Love From Bottom Of Heart…

    Though very difficult,
    Though very hard,
    Not easy to achieve,
    Not easy to handle,... more »

  • Mom

    Some special words,
    That describes her,
    Love, kind and care.... more »

  • Money..

    Is this word
    Is money
    more than a life?... more »

  • Never Let You Go...

    Some have found their true love,
    some are searching their true love,
    some are ditching their true love,
    some are praying for their true love,... more »

  • Only Yours....

    You said me once,
    Twice, thrice, and
    Many more times,
    That I'm your... more »

  • Smiling Creature

    Saw you Monday
    saw you Tuesday
    saw you everyday
    with a dazzling smile....... more »

  • Waited Moment.....

    Today the last day of year,
    Few mins more of 2014;
    That will take away
    Many of Our fear,... more »