• Life

    life right now couldn't be better
    working hard for the things i need
    just need that girl maybe ill get her
    i believe only in the opposite of greed... more »

  • Lonely

    try to stay positive on this lonely night
    things will only get better... right?

    thinking bout calling u know who... more »

  • Mixed Messages

    one minute shes like i love you
    the next shes like we're through
    i'm like ok boo if that's true
    i feel the same way too... more »

  • Speaking My Mind

    some people just don't understand me
    which is why i sit here and write freely

    expressing myself through these words... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    baby I'm thinking of you
    think of the things we been through
    nothing but good boo
    course theres bad times too... more »

  • When I Met U

    From the moment I met you
    I knew it was true
    I couldn’t stop smiling
    because I was thinking of you... more »