• A Broad Horizon

    So here I stand....
    A blade of grass in a prairie
    My time has finally come
    to show the world who I am... more »

  • A Familar Cascade

    A familar cascade, your life remains meaningless
    But the man above has hope for you....
    All he asks is that you believe.
    Trust that he will come to your pain.... more »

  • All That Remains

    It will be eternity until you reach your way up....
    The hill is steep and you're tumbling down this
    mess you call your life.............. more »

  • Always And Forever

    Your words put my heart in a state of bliss
    So take my hand, and welcome my kiss
    Ill be here waiting for you until the end
    Just jump into my arms and I promise to mend... more »

  • An Honest Reflection

    You want the truth about yourself?
    A reflection is probably your best bet.
    Looking into your own eyes
    isn't always easy but sometimes... more »

  • As All Hope Dies

    As all hope dies, I look deep into your eyes
    I try to seek out the pain....
    I try to uncover these tears you hide...
    But you have yet to find promise... more »

  • Axes Speak Louder Than Words

    I should have known this wouldn't last....
    It was only a matter of time until I'd
    break away from your curse
    and cast a spell of my own...... more »

  • Because Of You

    With just a moments glance at you
    my knees become weak.
    You paralyze me.....
    But how could I crumble so easily?... more »

  • Blonde Hair, Blue Lies

    I must have died a thousand times
    because everytime I see you smile I go breathless
    So I fell for you, big deal...I'll be the one laughing
    when you fall for me and I leave your heart... more »

  • Blue Like The Ocean

    ... more »

  • Braveheart

    Please dont smile. Please dont breathe
    If only your feelings were'nt make believe....
    you put me through so much pain
    now theres only pieces of me that remain... more »

  • Brilliant Universe

    Out of all the stars that make up your eyes
    could there be any shining because of me?
    With just one blink my dreams of being
    a part of your galaxy could be gone forever...... more »

  • Caving In As One

    With nothing left to prove, theres nothing left to gain
    All thats left is the ones that you love....

    Whats happened to this world we live in?... more »

  • Convicted Smile

    The goddess of smile. Queen of beauty.
    You are the reason for so many mended hearts.
    Do you see what I see when you look in the mirror?
    Please dont laugh for long this time because I stop... more »

  • Despairing Tears

    You stare into puddles of rain looking into your own reflection.
    Woeful tears stream down your face. What is making you so sad?
    Is it the rain? Or is it because your looking into your own eyes?
    With this storm brings you hope.....Your tears of joy come and go... more »

  • Far From Defeat

    So you've reached rock bottom...
    At least your mind will tell you that
    Patience is a virtue dear,
    I promise your time will come... more »

  • Fool's Paradise

    Think I'm crazy for being crazy about you?
    One look at your eyes is like an array of fireworks...
    How could one be so beautiful?
    You're more than the girl of my dreams...... more »

  • Fourletterlie

    Leave all these hearts ripped and broken....
    You will soon be frightened by all the blood stains...

    So just hand me the rope... more »

  • From Above

    Pictures bring back your delicate smile.
    What I wouldn't give to see it one more time.
    Your life was set out to be so promising.
    Why did you have to go? You never deserved this.... more »

  • God's Acre

    Surrounded by stones.
    Who would of thought this is
    where it ends? I walk alone
    on it's quiet grounds realizing... more »

  • Gone But Not Forgotten.....

    Your scars to prove the suffering
    they fill me with guilt....
    Why couldn't I be there to save you?
    The thought of you in pain... more »

  • Heart Shaped Mystery

    Secrets aside, who do you really love?
    I used to think disguising hearts never existed...
    So it shall be me who will watch you from above...
    The clues are buried so deep in your chest... more »

  • His Final Collapse

    This is it. If you don't get up you'll be a casualty forever.
    It's time you gave up on her now. The more you think of her the
    more pain you will suffer. Understand that your dream of you and her together is just false advertising. What happened to your ambition?
    You must regain confidence. Believe in yourself....... more »

  • Hope Without Heart

    Hoping to fall in love someday?
    How will you find true love when
    you haven't even found true self.....
    Turn back now while you have the chance... more »

  • How Insincere.....

    A deep misunderstanding.....
    How could we be so blind?
    What has become of our mind?
    Lives remain empty....... more »