DF Du Fu 712 - 770

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I like the poems.So amazing and it influenced me to write more poems too.
Very few poets have influenced the generation that followed them, he is one of them. Those who read his work will do nothing but Admire.
Tu Fu (or Du Fu) is one of the greatest classical Chinese poets, along with Li Po (or Li Bai) . He wrote taoist poetry even if he remained devoutly linked to the more formal morality of Confucianism. A poem by Tu Fu: 'A View of Taishan' What shall I say of the Great Peak? – The ancient dukedoms are everywhere green, Inspired and stirred by the breath of creation, With the Twin Forces balancing day and night. ..I bare my breast toward opening clouds, I strain my sight after birds flying home. When shall I reach the top and hold All mountains in a single glance?
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