Dudley Randall Quotes

Shatter the icons of slavery and fear. Replace the leer of the minstrel's burnt-cork face with a proud, serene and classic bronze of Benin.
Dudley Randall (b. 1914), U.S. poet. A Different Image (l. 7-12). . . Black Poets, The. Dudley Randall, ed. (1971) Bantam Books.
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"But, mother, I won't be alone. Other children will go with me, And march the streets of Birmingham To make our country free."
Dudley Randall (b. 1914), U.S. poet. Ballad of Birmingham (l. 9-12). . . Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, The. Richard Ellmann and Robert O'Clair, eds. (2d ed., 1988) W. W. Norton & Company.
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Black girl black girl lips as curved as cherries full as grape bunches sweet as blackberries
Dudley Randall (b. 1914), U.S. poet. Blackberry Sweet (l. 1-4). . . Harper Anthology of Poetry, The. John Frederick Nims, ed. (1981) Harper & Row.
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Fit gravefellows you are for Lincoln, Brown And Douglass and Toussaint. . . all whose rapt eyes Fashioned a new world in this wilderness. American earth is richer for your bones; Our hearts beat prouder for the blood we inherit.
Dudley Randall (b. 1914), U.S. poet. Memorial Wreath (l. 15-19). . . Poetry of Black America, The; Anthology of the 20th Century. Arnold Adoff, ed. (1973) Harper & Row.
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