love, life, and Christian poetry. a song writer, poet, spoken word artist, business owner and a student. have two books to his tittle, philosopher and subsurface utility engineering. he always like to put his brains to work, try to be creative in always, make sense out of the senseless, break codes of barriers.....
by the touch of love every one is a poet,
believes poems are expressions of emotions through melody of the heart.


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Black Lives Matter.

Abraham Lincoln said
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, "
(TRUE But Not for the Black man)
"that they are endowed by the Creator... more »

I Am Sorry

I'm so sorry the sun rises and sets,
The silver moon shimmers at night,
I'm sorry I know your smile is sweet,
Sweet as love and the pain the heart feels.... more »

Life Is Not Life Without Light

In a round way of life
what does a man need?
a woman to be call a wife?
or a plot to grow some whets?... more »

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