• Destiny

    Destiny is a funny thing,
    Try not to imagine anything...
    You might be shock
    For your coming luck....... more »

  • Fantasy

    There are times that I think of someone
    Someone I never knew if he exist
    I can't think of anyone
    But in my mind I can't resist... more »

  • 'I Hate To Say Goodbye'

    Even if it hurtz, i need t0 say g0odbye.
    It w0n't be easy t0 f0rget y0u... more »

  • 'I Love The Way You Are'

    How I love the way you smile,
    It says you will never make a lie.... more »

  • Just Try

    Sleepless nights
    Hopeless life
    Full of sorrow
    What's tomorrow... more »

  • Life As We Know It

    Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring,
    Sooner, later, after are like strings,
    It goes by, passes by, sometimes stand by,
    We don't know how and why unless we try.... more »

  • 'Life Is Cool'

    Life is like the ocean,
    Calm waves...
    Rough waves...... more »

  • 'Love Pain, Love Gain'

    I was once Loved and Loved back;
    I was once happy and what I knew it will last,
    I was once contented and never be departed,
    I was once complete but its ended.... more »

  • 'My Life'

    I'm living my life with sorrow,
    Always worried about tomorrow,... more »

  • 'Sa Biruan Nag-Umpisa'

    Nagsimula sa biruan, harutan at lokohan
    Napunta sa retohan, kantiyawan at tuksuhan,... more »

  • Seriously? I'M Serious! ! !

    Joking and fooling around
    Laughing without any bound
    Enjoying life as it is
    But why it turn out like this?... more »