• Alone

    You are not alone
    As long as another human in this world
    Something you got to do
    To end the feeling of being alone... more »

  • Die Another Day

    Die another day!
    no one is here to stay,
    so do not make the mistake of calling it the day!
    Life is so precious, so do not just throw away!... more »

  • Endangered Species

    Have you find him?
    He is called the human
    Does he looks white, black or brown?
    So rare to find in the entire span... more »

  • Human Race

    We are called the human race
    but all we do is just the number race! !
    We all know that only one can be the ace,
    so, does this means others cannot daze,... more »

  • Mother Nano Nagle

    Founder of our presentation schools is Nano Nagle
    Who came to this world as an education angel
    Founded in Ireland in a place called Cork
    To help the world come out of illiteracy dark... more »

  • Neelam

    Neelam than enaku pudicha kalaru
    Antha neela kannu aishwarya than enaku pudicha figaru
    Vaanam neelam than
    Antha kadalum neelam than... more »

  • Pain

    No pain no gain
    Is the fact that will always remain
    You can go everywhere and complain
    But what is the use and what you gain... more »

  • Poetry

    I want to write something called poem
    In a very pleasing and astonishing way
    not sure what to write and in what form
    in a hope that it will go on to stay... more »

  • Success

    One thing everyone in this world wants is success
    Even though life not always filled with beautiful roses
    We all want to taste the honey called success
    More we try and to possess,... more »

  • Ulagam

    Anaivarkum pothuthan Ivvulagam
    ithil manithan seivatho perunthrogam
    ovvoru nalum puthu uthayum
    boomiyin aayul athil kuraiyum... more »

  • Uthavum Karangal

    Anbil thodangugirathu ivvulagam, ithu
    Aadi bagavanukum nangu theriyum
    Inbathil periya inbum matravarin santhosham
    Eegaiyai vida sirantha thondu verillai endru ella mathamum koorum nichayam... more »

  • Vetri

    Thedinen vetriyai thinamum naan
    varavillai athu innum enaku than
    panakarargal idam sendru olinthukondaya
    arasiyal vathigalin tholil thundai amarnthu kondaya... more »