Dullanni Waterman Biography

I'm a author/writer currently residing in San Diego, CA. My life has been a wild ride, but I've enjoyed every minute of it. My writting stems from the colorful experiences of my life and my observational standpoint on various topics. I'm constantly putting my interpretation into text via journal entries, these are the expressions of my everday events and intearctions with the world and those around me. I've completed and published my first book, (1st project) this collection of essays/poetry are influenced by the various events and intreactions that have paved the path of my mentality and viewpoints. This is my most greatest accomplishment to date, after being convinced by allot of people to pursue this opportunity, I followed through. My writting/work seems to hit home with allot of readers and has even opened the eyes of others who read it. My goal is to share my viewpoint on life and our everday interaction in the form of poetry/essays. I want to, at the very least, spark the thought process of others and stir up the courage for others to look at their lives today and see where they truly stand.

' As we journey down the path we call life, we acquire words of wisdom along the way. These words are generated by our life's ups and downs and serve as a reminder of our failures and triumphs. We must never forget these valuable treasures, for they are the only physical remains of who we are, after we have passed on.' -Dullanni