A free soul that loves COW. I'm young and proud but don't let that get in your face overlook what you see on the top and dig deeper.


Dustin Bennefield Poems

Words, Song Of

Created by this ink
These words sink
Unto a page
Forever Woven... more »

A Mother Child

A mother is a child
She is younger than her children
That is why she learns from them... more »

A Confession

A mother and child
So close together
Yet so far apart... more »

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Comments about Dustin Bennefield

Leigh A. Hill 03 Jul 2006 12:27
Dustin is an amazing young man who writes from his heart. ~Starr
Karen Schley 07 Jun 2006 05:43
Your comprehenion exceeds time, age or space.It comes from a soul, that confession is good for.Stay encouraged and write.The barriers need you for closing them.