Through out my life I have been through several problems, just like everyone else. Most having to do with heart brake or family issues I have found my way to vent through poetry and writing. To most this may seem like a cliche, but to me I find meaning in what I write.
Every word and every line has a specific meaning towards someone. Why most seem obvious, some are well hidden. Most find me insane why I find myself inspired, and most find me stupid why I find myself committed. What few realize is a person is only what they think of there self. I have separated myself from what the world's definition of 'normal' is.


Dustin Burel Poems


Open your eyes,
And listen to your heart,
Before it’s too late,
And things can’t restart,... more »


Wounded by one’s kiss,
And broken by one’s lie,
A worry of what I’ll miss,
I fear of not being that guy,... more »

Late Realization

I attempted a romance,
Over a best friend,
I found nothing better,
In the end.... more »

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