• Angel Scars

    Turn your back against my face,
    And stab me in the heart,
    Leave me there with broken trust,
    You’ve already done your part,... more »

  • Better Than You

    Whoa, he really must have something wrong in his head,
    He tries to get at me while I’ve already bled,
    Nothing can bother me when I feel dead,
    My concern is for you, it’s already been said.... more »

  • Cornered

    Find yourself cornered,
    And find yourself trapped,
    Find that all the stress,
    Has got you all wrapped,... more »

  • Fangs And Feathers

    I catch myself laughing when I see people try,
    To do all their methods to make my touch die,
    It’s silly when I see what they all do,
    To try and destroy my touch that’s for you,... more »

  • Forgiven

    Wounded by one’s kiss,
    And broken by one’s lie,
    A worry of what I’ll miss,
    I fear of not being that guy,... more »

  • Late Realization

    I attempted a romance,
    Over a best friend,
    I found nothing better,
    In the end.... more »

  • Patience

    Open your eyes,
    And listen to your heart,
    Before it’s too late,
    And things can’t restart,... more »