• Believe

    Do you believe in magic?
    The supernatural chemistry
    Of both Heaven and Hell
    Fire and ice colliding... more »

  • Birthday

    Blades blend fury and physics
    to consume wood.
    Whiskers collect splinters
    that sometime stay inside skin.... more »

  • Birthday Wishes

    I still have this picture of her
    Holding her face above the flames
    The ones that dance on top of her birthday cake
    Twenty-three tiny lights... more »

  • Daniel’s Theme

    Quiet one –
    Who never spoke of things I longed to hear
    Who’d have guessed in time to come
    That we would grow so near?... more »

  • Dreams

    Shadows smear the sea
    A flood of blue lather
    Under the boiling sun
    Lustful sprays of light... more »

  • For The Forgotten

    Am I here, bored and reflective?
    Left to the memory of flight
    Flapping wings birthing wind
    The cold collecting like time... more »

  • Forte Zondo

    “Forte Zondo” and she smacks and smashes the mirror
    An insult, a truth of herself in reflection
    A monster in disguise but not in disguise
    She’s become what I’ve been, but in disguise... more »

  • Get In Line

    Reservoirs of lunacy prescribe themselves
    Disguised as simple acts of self discipline
    And the wondering curiosity
    That fills my every dawning day... more »

  • Private Symphony

    Discreet and obscure feelings that you hide
    Morsels of your hatred locked deep inside
    Play me your symphony
    The piece that fits me best... more »

  • Satan's Tears

    He cuts through the predawn
    and makes little leaves shake like November
    His mornings bring broken babies
    and make graves all the rage... more »

  • Song Of Summer

    My snake died last summer
    And I’m not too sure
    That the burning of her body
    Was not a sacrifice to a time and a girl... more »

  • The Stubborn Nature Of Nature

    Today I built in the rain
    Studs slipping on plates
    Jacks refusing to hold headers
    Top plates toppling... more »

  • Women 1

    Nectar of purity
    Synthetic romance
    And drunk love
    Magnificent equipment... more »

  • Women 2

    Claiming to know such thoughts would be false
    From a smile or frown
    From a look or gasp
    Not I this time... more »

  • Wood: The Story Of Us

    The waves of our life
    Strong and silent
    Making statements unknown to most... more »