• A Birthday Wish

    For my sister, Trang Bui... more »

  • A Broken Heart

    Dark memories come a horse a time
    Decide a spot before your thoughts
    Once saw now blind no words to rhythm
    Not soon nor far his heart be caught... more »

  • A Cold Autumn's Night

    Sink deep in their yellow skins, autumn steams on.
    Spent memory will depart, so will my youth.
    My new steps flow in tautness, oh, so restive.
    Life’s beats swayed its frosty chants, mine swathed along.... more »

  • A Coward

    A tutor of music and merit
    Utterances dusk through
    thin lips, too hot, evanesce
    to ambivalent stratosphere... more »

  • A Crime [my Impression Of The Story 'The Lottery' By Shirley Jackson]

    A black dot Mr. Summers has drafted.
    Followed ancient tradition from pebbles
    To stones. Each darted the grey wind shafted
    by friends and neighbors, no distant rebels.... more »

  • A Feeling Of Longing For Something

    What I desire is not yet here,
    but beyond this window before me;
    dwelling in the air, the clouds that bring about rain,
    the bare branches, the coming leaves,... more »

  • A Long Goal

    Much sweats, that clarified
    I chased my running sun
    It tiptoed to my sigh
    In silence, like a gun... more »

  • A Mother, A Son

    Cold drops of rain fall
    Through the cracks they crawl
    On his young bald head
    With his ma they nest... more »

  • A Painting Of Emily's Voice

    Enchanting sound awakened and renewed my spirit, above all passing floods and tides,
    Music of the heart, like morning bells caressing the green, grassy fields of a new day, a bluer sky,
    Irises with purple skins sheltering by their green neighbors awaiting for the rising sun,
    Light of the fresh dream, wish or reality could only shine from one possibility,... more »

  • A Quick Love

    She came to mask the day
    The girl I speak of then
    She gazed, with much to say
    Her voice echoes the wren... more »

  • A Stilled Horse

    ... more »

  • A Sudden Thought

    Under lazy swaying trees I sat one day,
    I still remember that sunny day
    At a camp in Northern New Hampshire.
    Certain thoughts of a tinted past were in a... more »

  • All That's Here

    The sun descends in the evening,
    And carries us into a new threshold,
    Leaving the dimmer self behind;
    The moon, a candle for the vigilant mind.... more »

  • Alone

    My wayfaring, a promenade
    till doomsday.
    Eternity, He Avers my right hand
    Loneliness, a hidebound nestle... more »

  • An Echo For A Novel Dream

    Holding a loss with great esteem
    He lay asleep with old shadows
    Circumvent not, new waken dream... more »

  • An Inevitable Thought

    I shake in her presence,
    then hold for next known fate,
    to shape my distant dream,
    though gripped a fruitless rake.... more »

  • An Island She Found

    She’s of many wings
    But the gods silenced
    Not eager to whistle a tune,
    A melody of courageous tone... more »

  • Any Morning In Nyc

    Waking up in New York city
    I often do not know which is noise,
    Which is music to listen for.... more »

  • Autumn

    The wind hurried by,
    an autumn package
    of esoteric tales and secrets,
    of loss and love.... more »

  • Awaken

    Weeping echoes for suffering souls
    Tears much salt, avail not sweeten sorrows
    Trees shed leafy skins, pass away to die
    Not for eons, alone essence of eternities... more »

  • Away

    Your breath dimmed away
    Far-off from my sounds,
    Scraped total off my lips’ skin
    Rolling nights to hear you, songster... more »

  • Birds

    Birds are the artists of the sky,
    Crooning a different tune, from
    Corners to corners, from roofs
    To roofs over New York City’s... more »

  • Early Night's Dream

    A tapestry of cryptic mysteries hangs,
    External assumptions, admit a pang.
    To see with eyes, a reluctant sound missed,
    An empty world lived, for whom the night kissed?... more »

  • Golden Hair

    Summer has arrived, bright and golden like once before; golden above the weightless ticking of days and became moonlight beating upon dark water of the nights.
    Her golden hair hung down, touched and cuddled the green blades of grass, and when those grasses passionately grew like wild weeds, they begin to block her sight, mind and were cut away.
    Perhaps both of our consciousness mingled unconsciously in the hearts, but when consciousness advanced and conquered, all was sliced apart and split. Her words begin to stir the moments like early autumn leaves rushing a summer sun.... more »

  • Growing Up

    I was sure I knew sufferings
    My journeys, never infinite
    A carpet lay, if one not stray
    Swell of days, be on their way... more »