DB Dylan Barker May 2nd,1994

My intrest in poetry started when we were assigned a poetry assingment in reading class. I have been writing poems ever since. The poem I enjoy most that i wrote is Minutemen. Since i found this website, i had found a beautiful and unbelieveable girl named Megan Cook, who just broke up with me.I recommend her work, and talking to her for advice.


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Dylan: Your work is very good. Of those poems I have read my favorites are Fall, In My Mind, and Caught Up. There are some on the site that are far too personal for me to comment on, but I feel comfortable discussing these three. Each of them shows genuine style and talent. I'm going to make three suggestions to you. First, don't stop writing. Ever. Second, read whatever you can by whomever happens to strike your fancy. In other words, let your curiosity take you wherever it may lead. And third, after you've written a poem try to read it through the eyes of someone other than Dylan Barker. In fact, try to be someone as far removed from Dylan Barker as possible. I suspect this will lead you to develop and strengthen your style, focus your content, and stir your (already remarkable) imagination. I look forward to reading your volumes. -G