• Bi-Polar Disorder

    I am strong
    I will not allow misery to rule me.
    I will not allow other to belittle me.
    I will love the stars in the night sky, as well as the dirt underfoot.... more »

  • Girls Lie To Me

    I used to care, about only you.
    I tell you, I swear, what I say is true.
    But now it is black, where I once had a heart.
    And I want it back, but you tore it apart.... more »

  • Hello! My Name Is...

    Joy is a toy, laughter a game.
    I'm now an adult, and life's not the same.
    Gladness brings sadness, which gives way to pain.
    I cut myself deeper, to sever the vein.... more »

  • Rancid Hope

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
    We all must get inside!
    The forest is burning, the ocean is boiling,
    and everybody lied.... more »

  • Told You So

    Didn't I tell you not to try?
    I knew you'd only fail.
    I said that you would only cry.
    And bitch, and moan, and wail.... more »

  • You Deserve It

    When I put a bullet in the back of your head
    It wasn't because I wanted you dead
    But you wouldn't forgive all the shit that I said
    So I stayed up all night rolling in bed... more »