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I am a young man and this poem makes me think differently of the future
I really love Dylan Thomas's poems and am currently doing a project on him!
I have been looking and reading this poem for a number of years. I am now 74 and am aware of mortality. We are probably the only species that are aware of our own demise. At least for me it is a difficult realization to absorb. Dylan’s poem seem to me to express the frustration of that reality. We behave, love go through life as if its forever. So it ain’t.
FUNNY..I make poems to.
A poetic wonder who passed away too young.
yo screw this poem i had to spend 2 months reviewing it for a class i didn't even want to take
Add a commen my hear is smilin
i love this omg yes
inspiring. how does one gain such delicate yet cutting edge use of words in one lifetime.