• Bright As You

    I will not hide from you
    this morning
    because when it should be
    it's not so bright anymore.... more »

  • Peace With Me

    lying silky on the silky earth
    belonging where I belong
    sweet as waking from a tender dream
    and watching the dream roll on... more »

  • Pink Skies

    Tomorrow I will dance before
    my grandmother's house
    with my arms flailing in a
    haste, a moan and many stomps... more »

  • Sister Say

    Have your baby
    pushing limbs of fire out at every corner,
    watch one birth yielding another... more »

  • Today

    we are wondering where the hours flew,
    though many have passed and changed your face
    and your laugh,
    I am still in the same house,... more »

  • Waking Up

    I dream of so many things,
    like black velvet nights
    deep and stretching from
    here until the end of hours.... more »