• But I'M Still Not Happy...

    I got the laptop, I got the phone, I got
    The money. I got the grades, I got the
    Course. I got the life I wanted. I got the
    Camera, the nice air hockey table and... more »

  • Disease?

    Taste it she said-
    So I did, and I let it
    Slip away, like she did.... more »

  • Forbidden

    If she saw these thoughts in my head
    ...Not much else would be said
    That look of sheer disgust
    That I chose her to entrust-... more »

  • I Think It's Over

    Everything I say, you put me down.
    You look at anyone but me when you
    laugh at one of my jokes.
    You spend so little time with... more »

  • The Rose

    Every rose has it's thorns,
    But you have so many that
    Those who try to pick you up
    Get hurt. And those who see... more »

  • You Don'T Care, You Can'T Care

    It's dark, dank and dreary
    The Wind is cold and uncomforting
    But I am just another Raindrop
    That lands on your Leaves,... more »