• A Fools Proposal (Love Angel)

    His flaccid palms was drenched with perspiration,
    His heart was stomping against his chest! !

    His pupils dilated when he realized she was typing the reply,... more »

  • Focus The Art (My Angel)

    The distance between us was 3 tiles,
    But it felt more than a 100 miles,

    Immersed into the hard maths locus,... more »

  • Happy Mothers Day! !

    Another paper failed to quench the desire of the young poet,
    The bin was about to disgourge his ideas binded in words,
    The pen was mightier than the sword,
    But this time....and only this time,... more »

  • I Am Sorry Asifa

    Her brown pupils witness a luminescent glow glimmering from a distance,
    Her legs carried her towards the spark without her perception,
    Everything around her seemed surreal,
    Even her body was scintillating!... more »

  • Melted Sweetly (Love Angel)

    Magic was not real until I realized that my heart could melt faster than the ice cream in her palm!

    Didn't knew which was sweet....... more »

  • The Art Of A Beauty's Langguage

    His visuals were drawn to her charm,
    It was so sharp...that he can read the language of her lips!

    Her sweet tender lips were red as the rose in his palm,... more »

  • The Beauty Was Unmatched (Angel Love)

    My hand grasped her palm tightly,
    Our legs carried us to the top of the greenery,

    It was indeed a visual feast...... more »

  • The King's Soul

    THERE she was,
    Wrapped in the warm swaddle of his chest and arms!
    The hyacinth-blue eyes of his princess never failed to serene him in the midst of his darkness!
    He buried her miniature fingers in his palm and promised to never let go....... more »

  • The Morning Beauty (My Angel)

    As the golden spark gained command streaking across the darkness,
    The light filtered through the windowpanes seeking its purity...

    As her visuals slowly came alive,... more »

  • When Time Gets Rougher (My Angel)

    Shining sparks glowing in the winter,
    Brighter than the lighted wooden splinter,

    Glow brightly when it gets darker,... more »