It was for those days that he grew up in the landscapes of Mt.Kenya, he learnt about life in a different manner of existence; Earnest Gatuma was a poet and a poetry admirer since in the childhood.Was born in 1999 and later on took up the desire to demystify philosophy in a poetic way.


Earnest Gatuma Poems

You Will Never Fish Out.

Jester hail his majestic over applaud
bestowed on an accolade embossed "En-surlheg"...

Gilbert chants before he actually sings,... more »


Up the sky you furrow behind,
Wavering not against your pride
but in current unison
that progresses a momentum with the air... more »

Dunia Ina Mambo

Can't be dabbed as less the 'god's tool'
No power such build at less Sikh's among
quite elementary due to it's intrinsic state;
conjures queerly, looping nifty pale... more »

Earnest Gatuma Quotes

Beauty could be an illusion with the disregard of humane for I believe it can be possessed by any kind of thing...
To whom I interest most: Ivon
As honest as existence, as illusional as the conscious of the truth...
Achievements incorporate physical manoeuvre and the ability too to fulfill sensible thoughts.

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