• Ambrosia

    You, suddenly, appear in the midst of men, like an angel sent straight from God
    Clothed with the heavens
    And held aloft by two angels, friends of God
    Your glimmer is like the sun at midday in the middle of summer... more »

  • Beauty Unsurpassed

    Your smile wakes the sun
    The moon glides past and salutes
    Beauty which shakes men like earthquakes
    Beauty unsurpassed... more »

  • Echoes Of Love

    My love for you overturns like a typhoon
    My love for you arrives like an avalanche
    My love for you glows red like a hot rod straight from the blacksmith's forge
    Ethereal love... more »

  • Runaway Time

    What done you to majestic Time, oh hideous creature
    That he quivers and flees from you?
    Have you put him in shackles as a prisoner?
    Or quietly wiped him off the face of the earth as tomato sauce spilled upon your kitchen table?... more »

  • Tears Of The Stars

    Oh, Daylight, why do you look so sad?
    A titan riding his fierce horse, Dark Nebula, and morning lost 
    Cloaks as night and eyes as fire
    Oh, Daylight, death has just passed you by!... more »

  • The Sugar Casket

    Blood-thirsty dragons in dark caves yawn
    Awake at midnight to hunt the sun
    Ashes spew as they fly
    To bury men in sugar caskets... more »