• Sonnet 2

    You cannot tell me where to place my heart
    Because it is not yours, my dear, but mine.
    This tempest that you've wrought tears me apart;
    The skies are rough; the breakers are unkind.... more »

  • Sonnet 3

    Oh, darkness, darkness, is your advent near?
    For life and light now take their somber toll.... more »

  • Sultry Red Beauty

    I'm nervous on the sidewalk,
    pacing back and forth
    in my ruby red stilletos.... more »

  • That Feeling

    Fall down to Earth
    Then rise to Heaven again-
    No height is too high.... more »

  • Throwaway

    The action figure that you
    loved for a day and then let... more »

  • Untitled [song] (Untitled)

    You tore my heart out
    And broke my destiny... more »

  • Wandering Sorrow

    A shadow in the midst of day.
    Alone...in the middle of the crowd.
    I couldn't take it so I disappeared-
    Not even Love could find my tracks.... more »

  • Warrior Soul

    You all know Kristin...this one's for her.

    *Damn! *There's a whole world at war with you;
    You're outnumbered like crazy.... more »

  • Why I Love You Now

    Your voice is music to my ears.
    When I look at you, I have nothing to hide.
    You come to my mind like tears to my eyes
    And then you never leave.... more »

  • Will You Be There For Me [song]

    Are you still there?
    Is that your shadow?
    Are you listening to me?... more »