eboni paul Biography

hi everyone my name is eboni paul. i actually just started writting about two years ago. my family and move to austin texas after hurricane katrina. we were stuck in new orleans like two weeks aftrer the storm. that was the most tramatic point in my life.8 months after the storm my grandmother pass away. she was my life. after she die i felt like i didn't have a purpose, so i began to do thing i knew wasn't right. i attempted to commit suicide a couple of times. after i attempted my father pass away. i feel like it is my fault. my mom put me i a hospital. i got some meds and i am doing much better. my poem misery is being publish in a book. i have finish school.i am starting class at ACC which is austin community college. i am going to major in criminal justice. i am going to be a intern at life works which is a program to help kids with problem. so my life is finally starting to look up. to everyone that's having problem fight through it because after all the fighting you become stronger and happier! ! !