• 1917

    I am reminded by his words and I am haunted by her love
    I am in debt to my own free will
    For him it was 1917 but for me its when Zelda became Daisy.
    His words determined to be a true tragedy and yet he keeps writing... more »

  • Book Of Life

    I have wondered how a person can read a book over and over knowing what is written on each page in every chapter. Knowing all the twists and turns the characters in the book will face.... more »

  • Burn

    Tonight I see from point of views
    Lachrymose figures in my eyes
    Vanilla scent of something new
    No longer are chains in my mind... more »

  • Dancing Words

    Your tongue, the piercing end of a clear sign you want me to let you in. I do. Your hands, the controlling devices used to place me where you want me. I let you.

    Did I fill you up with everything you need? Did I satisfy your hunger? Have I made the song in your head become overplayed?... more »

  • Diluted Minds

    Were dreaming in a memory to escape the worlds confusion. Thoughts that

    never could be, cause there just an illusion. Diluted minds of innocents. They... more »

  • Drawing Straws

    Did you cut yourself when you turned the page?
    Did you cry yourself to sleep?
    Did you lay awake for seven days?
    Did you find yourself in between?... more »

  • Forbidden Fruit

    Restless is this heart of mine for it knows how to beat to the rhythm of her love.
    Inside of me beating out of control when she is near. Her touch. Our stare. This Love.
    Knowing that every step closer could not only forever take my chance at love but also my life I still proceed. I pursue her.
    Kiss’s of passion from the lips of the one have never tasted so true. Soft. Wet. Passionate.... more »

  • I Once Killed A Bird

    ... more »

  • Love And Hate

    Love and hate its simply a crime.

    You cant love someone without doing the time.... more »

  • One Little, Two Little

    When all is said and done.
    Let’s just make sure we all got our lies straight.
    When all is said and done.
    Let’s just make sure we all have a ticket to fly.... more »

  • Passions To Crutches

    My passion became my crutch as I just couldn’t get enough.
    I was trying to find some truth from a different point of view.
    So I stepped into the light and I held my head up high.
    And when it all came out that's when I figured out.... more »

  • Resting Case

    It wasn't a matter of life or death but it was a question of them. He might have not shown a sword but he cut deep.
    It wasn't a place or time because he stood still with every move he made.
    It wasn't the truth he was searching for but he found dishonesty.
    She wasn't going to give up on love but She never felt it in the first place.... more »

  • Venetian Sky’s

    I’m breaking bones every time we meet
    I feel the sickness as it enters in
    We got a love yet only so discreet
    The cemetery’s where our lives begin... more »

  • Where Are You

    Have you ever stood leaning up against two walls that intersect joining two rooms. Running your hand up and down the cold wall. A cheek pressed up against the cold wall. Asking aloud, ” Where are you”? Wishing the lonely feeling of the cold wall was the one crave and are asking about?

    The one you crave to taste. The one you crave to touch. The one you crave to hold. The one….. Will nothing else satisfy the hunger inside you but the one you crave? Will nothing else fill the emptiness?... more »