EC David Poems

Book Of Life

I have wondered how a person can read a book over and over knowing what is written on each page in every chapter. Knowing all the twists and turns the characters in the book will face.... more »

Forbidden Fruit

Restless is this heart of mine for it knows how to beat to the rhythm of her love.
Inside of me beating out of control when she is near. Her touch. Our stare. This Love.
Knowing that every step closer could not only forever take my chance at love but also my life I still proceed. I pursue her.
Kiss’s of passion from the lips of the one have never tasted so true. Soft. Wet. Passionate.... more »

Drawing Straws

Did you cut yourself when you turned the page?
Did you cry yourself to sleep?
Did you lay awake for seven days?
Did you find yourself in between?... more »

EC David Quotes

You do not have to be good at art to enjoy it. You only have to be at art for other people to enjoy it.
For the crafty of the lesser popularity.

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